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Luke Knight seeks to capture moments glimpsed. His canvases are charged with motion, as he lingers on transitionary memories: a sunset flashing through surf, a verdant landscape slipping by a car window. The process begins with memories such as these, but the painting develops through an immediate conversation with the materials. Knight enjoys building up a surface with aggregates such as marble dust, contrasting texture with pared back areas. His consideration of balance creates work with seductive atmospheric perspective. 

Kate Reeve-Edwards

​Much of the inspiration for my work comes from transitory moments rushing to get into the surf at the end of the day or early in the morning; the smell, the clarity and calm, I find when I am immersed in it. My paintings are about these experiences, about the vitality of the sea or  of the landscape; they are, fleeting impressions, revisited, layered and compressed they are about remembering in paint.  Painting and being in the sea to me, are analogous. When surfing,  I can both sit and reflect but also must make decisions in the moment, I have to be in rhythm to harness the wave's energy and I have to accept that I am not in total control of the outcome. When I am painting the same meditation applies. The cycle of applying, drying, removing, eroding and reapplying paint echoes both the natural process and memory but also creates a surface with a range of qualities.  I want to create a surface can entice the viewer to touch, this haptic desire creates tension that in my mind parallels memory, impalpable and real.

Selected Exhibitions:

Rhizome:Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens June 2022

Featured Artist: Whitewater Contemporary June 2022

Auction Collective Studio Sale February 2022

Combat Stress Postcard Auction: October 2021

Featured Artist: Whitewater Contemporary: April 2021

Wild Seas and Winter Skies, Livingstone Gallery St Ives 2020

Royal Society of Marine Artists Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries  London 2020.

Auction Collective Autumn Auction 2020

Whitewater Summer Exhibition 2020

Featured Artist: Whitewater Gallery, May 2020

Barcelona International Gallery Awards 1st Place 2019 

From this Land, Thrown Contemporary, Highgate 2019

St Ives Society of Artist Christmas Open Exhibition 2018

166 RWA Open Exhibition,  2018

Cornish Maid, Mawnan Smith, 2015

Fowey River Gallery, 2013

Beside the Wave, Falmouth, 2012

Style 88, Paintworks Bristol; 2007

The Awning Project, Spyglass Gallery Bristol 2007 

The Olive Shed, Bristol 2006

The Small Gallery, Hereford 2006

Centerspace Summer Show, Bristol 2005

Adam Gallery, Penarth 2003

Howard Gardens Summer Show, Cardiff; 2003

Hans Brinker Trophy Prize Exhibition, Amsterdam 2002

L’ecole de Beaux Art, Nantes 2002