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Expressive Landscape Course Newlyn School of Art

  • 11th - 13th Apr 2022 - sold out

  • 11th - 13th Jul 2022

  • 1st - 3rd Aug 2022

  • 29th - 31st Aug 2022

  • 14th - 16th Oct 2022

I'm really excited to be teaching a set of expressive landscape courses at the Newlyn School of Art. The three-day course will explore dynamic approaches to landscape painting. The tutor will share methods to use a variety of different types of paint each with different properties which can be layered, sanded, scraped, and rubbed to create marks and textures that support each other to create the painted surface. You will explore how these elements can be combined and contrasted to create a balanced/dynamic landscape composition and enlivened painting surface.

Each participant will initially create a number of small, painted studies, generating many paintings with which they can experiment with different mark-making and layering approaches with a view to working up to some larger paintings.

Some of the techniques explored will include quick paint sketches with loose marks, building and adding layers once initial marks are dry, composition, scratching and sanding back paint, building a range of marks and textures to add texture and contrast to the painting, washing out wet paint and repainting, masking off areas to create sharp contrasts of edges and lines, complementary colour pairings, colour and tonal range among other painting techniques and processes.

An exciting three-day immersion into learning how to push the boundaries of paint to create energised, painterly and expressive depictions of landscape.


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